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  • Perl 5.10.0 source
  • (Optional) Unix Utilities for Windows; this package has a lot of the external utilities you will need when you run the CPAN shell or tools on Windows (perl -MCPAN -e shell)
    • Install to C:\camelbox\
    • You'll have to rename some of the UnxUtilties binaries so they don't conflict with the Windows equivalents (Renamed UnxUtilities)
  • MinGW; the MinGW software is now installed from a centralized installer, from which you can install extra packages if you wish (mostly compilers and make)
  • dmake, downloadable from CPAN
    • Install to C:\camelbox\
    • The dmake.exe file and startup folder should be placed in the C:\camelbox\bin folder.
  • Make sure the paths to gcc.exe, dmake.exe, cc1.exe and dmake.exe (and it's subdirectories) are set on the machine using the Environment Variables button from the My Computer properties dialog (see the section titled Running a pre-zipped Camelbox package on the Camelbox Home Page for step-by-step instructions on how to change the environment variable in Windows)

Generate filelists with:

 ufind /camelbox | sed -e '{/^\/camelbox$/d; s/\/camelbox[\\]*//;}'

Windows MS-DOS Box version:

 ufind /camelbox | sed -e "{/^\/camelbox$/d; s/\/camelbox[\\]*//;}"

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