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Aloha! Welcome to the Portaboom Wiki.

Portaboom is a standalone mini distribution of Linux that will allow people to play classic first-person-shooters.

Portaboom is built on top of LACK, or the Linux Appliance Construction Kit. LACK is barebones distribution of Linux, which is meant to be used in quasi-embedded systems; "Embedded systems stealth-ninja style"

These pages are collectively known as a Wiki. A WikiWikiWeb is a web-based application that is usually used for collaboration, however, I'm using this particular Wiki for keeping track of all of the ideas I come up with.

If you find anything interesting here that you'd like to discuss with me, feel free to contact me at mailto:brian {at} portaboom dot com.

Remember kids, the main Portaboom web page is at

I've been keeping a list of all of the various pieces of software that I've been using on these projects. You can view that list on the software links page. Also, from time to time I come up with new project ideas, and I needed a place to keep them written down. Such was born the project ideas page. If you're looking for some of the things that used to be here, they may have moved there, until I actually have something to show off, at which time I can move them back here again.

Current/Active Subprojects

  • Project Ideas - a 'holding pen' for ideas that I come up with...
  • Antlinux - the base distribution that other projects will run on top of. AntLinux will take care of booting, starting the system, and getting it functional enough for other project modules to start
  • Portaboom - Portable platform for games and emulators
    • Package ideas - what to package and distribute with PortaBoom
    • Misc. Notes - Notes on how to build packages, how well different packaging mechanisims work, a project release checklist, and other things that are not specific to any package in PortaBoom
  • Linux on Soekris - Notes on building Linux for the Soekris Engineering devices
  • Anywipe - A 1 floppy distribution of Linux that will securely wipe disk based media
  • Streamcast - an MP3 file streamer with various file and database backends
    • stream-db - an MP3 file streamer with a MySQL backend. Will eventually be merged back into StreamCast
    • Documentation - Documentation for all of the Stream* related projects
  • Propaganda - a set 'embedded' style tools that run from a CD-ROM drive that can be used to quickly put together a HTTP stream of sound information (currently MP3, maybe OGG) across the internet
  • Project Naranja - a Linux distribution based off of Debian where all the filesystems (including the root filesystem) are encrypted using loop-aes.

Other Things

  • Misc.HomePage - a page of things that wander through my mind, or catch my fancy
  • HowTos.HomePage - how to build/create/run things. Mostly Linux/Unix related software, but some hardware pages as well

The contents of this website are Copyright (c)2004 by Brian Manning <brian at antlinux dot com>. Please do not reuse any of the content on this website without permission from the author.

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